How To Join:

Joining Rhuthun minis and juniors is easy and is a fantastic way to keep fit, meet new friends and develop your rugby skills. To join one of the many age groups follow the simple rules below:

Complete the registration form.

Hand it to the relevant coach along with your payment of subs (U7’s & U8’s are free). OR E-mail it to the registration secretary or bring it to registration day on the 6th September.

Remember if you are E-mailing the form then you need to bring your subs on registration day (Sept. 6th 10.00am) at the Rugby Club.

New players to the club must bring 2 passport sized photographs on registration day with their name and date of birth on the back IMPORTANT THIS IS DONE!

If you have previously registered for another club you cannot register with Rugby Welsh RFC until you have deregistered from your previous club. Parents need to contact the registration secretary of the previous club.


Important: If you don’t register you are not insured and the club will not be able to train or play you.
The cost to register is £30 per child per year with reductions for siblings. This covers the cost of training, coaches, pitched, equipment, meals etc. The best value sport around.

Child Protection

The club is obliged to make serious consideration of child protection issues and all adults who require it are asked to comply with regulations. For details of child protection issues please refer to the WRU information at child protection.


At this time, the committee are preparing a constitution.