Help out on Sundays

The coaches are really busy on Sundays devising winning game plans and strategies so even if you can just help put out some flags and cones or just help make sure everyone is at the right place at the right time. For away games, players really appreciate your support on the touch line. May be you can’t do this every week but possibly just once a month or fortnight.


We provide a healthy meal (no burgers or chips) for every player who plays on a Sunday at home—including away teams. Some times we feed as many as 200 people. If you can spare just one Sunday in the year this would make a huge difference. You won’t be on your own—usually there are four or five other people helping and it can even be fun—you can certainly meet new people and make new friends.
If you can help there’s plenty to do from providing a useful suggestion to joining the committee!

Any help is welcome, please just ask and we’ll discuss what you are comfortable with and arrange a helping hand to get you started.